Stone Field Cemetery – write by Kong Kwangkyu




Stone Field Cemetery


Father, pressing his lips sternly
rolled my dead little brother in a straw bag
and went out to the stonefield by the mountain and returned after pushing upon your heart

Mother, having gone mad, spent many nights
croaking and sobbing, walking around the village farmlands barefoot

On days it rained
when she heard the sound of someone begging for mother’s milk outside
she’d call, “who is it!” and fling the door open

And each time, a few turtle doves would stamp
this and that
in hieroglyphics on the wet ground and fly back to the stonefield

When mother deciphered it and went out to the stonefield
there would be a bellflower in doleful bloom, adorned with a teardrop



입을 꾹 다문 아버지는
죽은 동생을 가마니에 둘둘 말아
앞산 돌밭에 가 당신의 가슴을 아주 눌러놓고 오고

실성한 어머니는 며칠 밤낮을
구욱구욱 울며 마을 논밭을 맨발로 쏘다녔다

비가 오는 날마다
누군가 밖에서 구욱구욱 젖을 구걸하는 소리가 들리면
어머니는 “누구유!” 하며 방문을 열어젖혔는데

그때마다 산비둘기 몇 마리가
뭐라고 뭐라고
젖은 마당에 상형문자를 찍어놓고 돌밭으로 날아갔다

어머니가 그걸 읽고 돌밭으로 가면
도라지꽃이 물방울을 매달고 서럽게 피어 있었다.

Translated by Cate Boram with Ko, Yujin


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