The Candlelight Technique  — Cho Gijo



The Candlelight Technique             (Poet : Cho Gijo)


It quivers even without wind
On a desk in a back room;

It also quivers inside the wind
At your fingertips in the square.

It quivers while sitting;
It quivers while walking.

Quivering means
Being dangerous.

The square is dangerous.
The back room is dangerous.

The invisible road is dangerous
Between the square and the back room.

In the middle of danger
Jubilation emerges.

But burning and lighting is
Brightening and then vanishing:

Quivering dangerously,
Quivering in order not to be put out,

For the sake of the back-room scenes,
For the sake of the square scenes.

In the darkness,
In the memory of the future

Toward me in the back room,
Toward you in the square,

From the square to the back room,
From the back room to the square.




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