Wife –write by Kong Kwangkyu






I’m lifting my wife
and she’s as light as a dry bundle of grass

Being the male lion
I dragged her around to hunting grounds here and there
and she once got stitches
after two cubs came ripping out of her body

I was hunting for prey but I’m now running to the hospital
with a tired and ill lioness on my back, roaring and sobbing

And I don’t know who devoured her heart
but she’s as light as an old leather sack


아내를 들어 올리는데
마른 풀단처럼 가볍다

수컷인 내가
여기저기 사냥터로 끌고 다녔고
새끼 두 마리가 몸을 찢고 나와
꿰맨 적이 있다

먹이를 구하다가 지치고 병든
컹컹 우는 암사자를 업고
병원으로 뛰는데

누가 속을 파먹었는지
헌 가죽부대처럼 가볍다



Translated by Cate Boram with Ko, Yujin



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