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List of Upcoming Books To Be Translated


Books to be translated, with the permission from the copyright holders, will be announced on this site. Staff translators will translate either portions or all of each selection.


 (Names are listed in alphabetical order)

For 2017

Gong, Kwangkyu /Kwon, Soon-Ja /  Lee, Jungrok  /  Maeng, Mun-jae  / Park, Somyung / candlelight Poems

This year, the Korean people revolted for a fight to preserve democracy by holding candlelight protests. In recognition of such a momentous event of Korean history, we share the most well-known poems of the occasion in translation.

For 2016

Poems by living poets:

Han, Hye-yung  /  Jang, Suk-ju  /  Jeong, Han-yong  /  Lee, Jae-mu  /  Lee, San-ha


For 2018 and on

(These poet’s book includes essays and novels)

Choi, Kwang-im  /  Do, Jong-hwan   /  Kim, Eung-Gyo   /  Kim, Yeon-suk  /  Kwon, Sun-ja  /  Lee, Ho-jun  /  Lee, Jae-ha  /  Lee, Oe-Su  /  Lee, Yun-hak   / Lee, Je-ha  / Lee, Ho-Joon  /  Na, Ho-yeol  /  Noh, Hye-Gyeong  /  Oh, In-Tae  /  Yoo, Heeju

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Happy New Year 2018.

  Thank you for loving in 2017. Poets, translators, staff, friends, supporters, poetry readers ... Happy New Year 2018. Team love Korean poetry Readers. We will do...

Human Acts by Han Kang; trans. Deborah Smith, book review

    Human Acts by Han Kang; trans. Deborah Smith, book review 북리뷰: 한강의 <소년이 온다> (데보라 스미스 역) Han Kang tackles a shocking moment in South Korean...


Introduction to Events- 2nd Korean Poetry Reading   Korean literature and politics are entering a new phase. From October 2016 through April 2017, a series of 23 rallies were held that demanded the...

 2nd Korean Poetry Reading

   2nd Korean Poetry Reading UMASS AMHERST CAMPUS CENTER RM # 165 Wed 6:30 pm Dec 6. 2017 For the first anniversary of the candlelight revolution For peace in...

Our Books

KoreanLit- Peal 울림

우리의 웹진이 책으로도 만들어지기를 소망합니다. 웹을 만드는데는 사람과의 인연 90% 그들의 능력 5% 그리고 KoreanLit의 노력 5%로 만들어졌습니다.   우리는 이곳에서 마음에 남을 만한 글들을...