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List of Upcoming Books To Be Translated


Books to be translated, with the permission from the copyright holders, will be announced on this site. Staff translators will translate either portions or all of each selection.


 (Names are listed in alphabetical order)

For 2017

Gong, Kwangkyu /Kwon, Soon-Ja /  Lee, Jungrok  /  Maeng, Mun-jae  / Park, Somyung / candlelight Poems

This year, the Korean people revolted for a fight to preserve democracy by holding candlelight protests. In recognition of such a momentous event of Korean history, we share the most well-known poems of the occasion in translation.

For 2016

Poems by living poets:

Han, Hye-yung  /  Jang, Suk-ju  /  Jeong, Han-yong  /  Lee, Jae-mu  /  Lee, San-ha


For 2018 and on

(These poet’s book includes essays and novels)

Choi, Kwang-im  /  Do, Jong-hwan   /  Kim, Eung-Gyo   /  Kim, Yeon-suk  /  Kwon, Sun-ja  /  Lee, Ho-jun  /  Lee, Jae-ha  /  Lee, Oe-Su  /  Lee, Yun-hak   / Lee, Je-ha  / Lee, Ho-Joon  /  Na, Ho-yeol  /  Noh, Hye-Gyeong  /  Oh, In-Tae  /  Yoo, Heeju