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You Be the Translator: Submission Guidelines

Freelance translators are encouraged to submit works for consideration. The submissions may be published on this website, as well as in other U.S. media, after being evaluated by the editorial committee. Works will also be considered for publication in other forms, such as books, audio-books, and magazines

The submission guidelines for translators are as follows:

  1. The translated works should be submitted only after the translator has received permission from the author.
  2. Applicants should submit at least three pieces for poems and at least two pieces for essays
  3. Applicants are allow to translate 2 music lyrics. In addition, movie/drama review and Korea/World traveling reviews can be submitted (in the forms of both Korean and English). When doing so, pictures and video may be included
  4. The applicants should submit their works through the link provided below.
  5. The application will be selected quarterly and it will be awarded accordingly. The copy right of selected works will solely remain with the Korean Cultural Service of Massachusetts for three years.

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