Solidarity of Light — Seong Hyangsuk



빛의 연대                                              (시인:성향숙)


빛의 처음들

연약한 빛 하나가 나를 닮은 나를 공손하게 인정하며

나를 닮은 타인을 점화하며


이백만 개 촛불이 광화문에 만개한다

봄날 장미 축제처럼 광장 위로


눈송이가 동전처럼 쏟아진다

비상라이트는 순차적으로 켜지고

누가 부르지 않아도

종종걸음으로 몰려드는 작은 날개들

일제히 들어 올렸다가 일제히 꺼지는 빛의 오케스트라

누군 아리랑 축전 같다고


감동은 마음이 말랑해지는 질병이다

분출하는 하얀 눈물이 벽을 타고 흐른다


부딪혀 피 흘리지 않았고

눈알 부라리지 않았고

너 때문이야 소리치지 않았고


빛과 빛이 연대하여

검은 것은 검고 흰 것은 희다는 교리의 전파자처럼

우연을 증거할 필연처럼


휩쓸리는 눈보라 속에 발목을 적시고 있다


Solidarity of Light      (Poet : Seong Hyangsuk)


The first lights—

A fragile light, politely acknowledging me that resembles myself,

Igniting others who resemble itself,


Lights from two million candles bloom in Gwanghwamun,

Above the square, like during the rose festival in spring


The snowflakes pour down like coins.

Emergency lights are turned on one after another.

Although nobody calls out,

Tiny wings gather in quick steps.

The orchestra of light, where all lights are on and off at the same time—

Someone says, it’s like the Arirang Festival.[1]


Being moved is a disease where your heart is softened.

White tears erupt and flow down the walls.


We do not strike and bleed.

We do not glare at them.

We do not yell at them.


Millions of lights in solidarity—

Like propagandists who spread the doctrine that black is black and white is white,

Like necessity that testifies to the accident—


Are soaked up to their ankles in a blustery snowstorm.




[1] The Arirang Festival is a month-long gymnastic and artistic festival held in Pyongyang, North Korea, which some South Koreans attended in the past.


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