Somersault of Uncle Tom who left the cabin – Kim, Hye–joo (Painter)



Somersault of Uncle Tom who left the cabin

162.2 x 130.3cm oil on canvas Year 2006

It is the cabin of Uncle Tom.
Although I didn’t choose to born as African American, I was misesrable because I was born..
Severity of whipping and unfairness treatment like the dog and pig could not harm the innocent and beautiful soul of Uncle Tom.
His soul aroused shame in everyone’s heart and brought a lasting path to American history.
When I read that book in my 40s, cried in tears, I decided to draw the image of Uncle Tom freely play in heaven.
Now he left the harsh life of cabin and flying far away. Don’t you want to fly together?



Kim Hye–joo painter. Born in 1967. Graduated from the Department of Painting, Chugye Univ. She studied art in India from 1994 to 1996. Starting with the first solo exhibition, he has 11 solo exhibitions and a group exhibition of married couples.


Traslator :Suk,Jae-yeun
(Korean Student Translation Team at Massachusetts State University)



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