Star Polishing Tree – write by Kong Kwangkyu


Star Polishing Tree


Maidenhair tree
couldn’t you call it the star polishing tree
the tree that held rain, wind, and sun
and ardently polished the stars

The golden tree coated in stardust come fall

I too, would like to be a star polishing tree
to a star that is you
I would like to ardently polish you and turn into gold
with your divine touch

Couldn’t you call someone like me
a star polishing tree
someone who wants to be divinely transformed
by the star that is you


별 닦는 나무

별 닦는 나무라고 부르면 안 되나
비와 바람과 햇빛을 쥐고
열심히 별을 닦던 나무

가을이 되면 별가루가 묻어 순금 빛 나무

나도 별 닦는 나무가 되고 싶은데
당신이라는 별을
열심히 닦다가 당신에게 순금 물이 들어
아름답게 지고 싶은데

이런 나를
별 닦는 나무라고 불러주면 안되나
당신이라는 별에
아름답게 지고 싶은 나를



Translated by Cate Boram with Ko, Yujin



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