Bending – Chang, SeokJoo




바람 섞여 진눈깨비 치는 저녁,
흘러나온 불빛이
코뚜레 뚫은 송아지처럼 길게길게 운다.

길 나서지 못한 사람 살고 있다고,
가는 저녁 다시 못 온다고,
다정한 몸 속으로
울음이 뭉툭하게 밀려든다.

저녁마다 밀려오고 밀려나가는 것들 속에서
무릎 아래 그림자 키우는
누군가의 재개봉영화 같은 생이 밀려간다.

누군가 어둠 쪽으로 몸 돌려
꽃피는 머리를 수그린다.




Windy, sleety evening
Light slicing from a house
Wailing long like a calf whose nose has just been pierced.

Someone is trapped within.
Time that passes will never come back
Tears flow deep inside a body wracked with sorrow.

Amidst the things which rush in and out every evening,
A shadow grows beneath the body
and like a rewound film, a life passes away.

As the body moves toward the dark,
The blossom of a memory droops.



시인 장석주 by Poet, Chang, SeokJoo
The poet, Seok-Ju Chang, was born in Non-San, Chung-Cheong-Nam-Do, South Korea, in January 8, 1955.  His first published
work was “Midnight” that he received new and emerging poet award from Monthly Literature in 1975. In 1979, he awarded his poem, “Fly, Gloomy        Dream” inChosun Il-Bo, Spring Literature and Dong-A-Il-Bo, Spring Literature, Critique, “Existence and Unrealism”.

Translated by Clara Soonhee Kwon-Tatum, Ph.D and Matthew Lewis, MA



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