Brightening the Darkness — By Gwon, Wisang




Brightening the Darkness             (Poet :Gwon Wisang)


On that night in Gwanghawamun

We lit our fingers to illuminate the darkness.

It did not feel hot.

As our fingers were being burned down, we also began lighting our vocal cords.

It didn’t matter if we were turning into charcoal.

Our cries became a torch, it climbed the mountains,

Was carried on the clouds, and spread into the sky.


In our hearts,

There were blazing sparks.

We could always retrieve and turn them into fire.

Neither frosty winter

Nor biting bitter winds

Could defeat the fire on our fingers.


Can vanquish millions of fingers.




We should light our fingers again.

We might have to aim our burning fingers again.

We might have to light the sparks of fire in our hearts

And ignite them on our fingers again tomorrow.



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