Hopes and dreams of the hillside village(2) -Soo Rye Yoo



Hopes and dreams of the hillside village

Portrays poor and difficult scenery of the hillside village with the point of view in warmth and caring perspective. The intention was to express the coziness of the hillside village in a optimistic way. The hillside village is known for where it is the closest location to the moon and where the people gathered among themselves to live together to get through everyday life but with the hopes to better themselves in the future. The author tried to represent all the detailed caring and warm perspective of the hillside village and used unlimited imaging to painterly the art in dept. The peaceful voice of the messengers and birds are included in the art as well.


 Soo Rye Yoo  http://www.sooryeartgallery.com/


Trasrator : Jungfil Seo


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