Toward Sunset-Write by Lee, Jeonglock

Artist Yoo, Heeju

Toward Sunset


I planted only a single row following a ridge
So that flowers would not block each other’s sunlight
Despite that, there is still a sunflower
That bend its head toward the sunset

I will surely
Use it for its seeds.

With the shadows of an old friend
The black eyes of the sunflower caressing valleys of my heart
The flower’s eyelashes are wet.

Without fail, as their heads ripen
Once again, at least one turns its head and looks down at itself.
I also gaze at the shadow
It casts every day

Every year, I,
Use the seeds of the one
That has its head turned toward the sunset.

To be one that reflects on life
To be a seed that care for others

– Some Things Do Not Hurt, Even if They Get in My Eyes-

(Chang-bi Publisher, 2016)


해 지는 쪽으로


햇살동냥하지 말라고
밭둑을 따라 한 줄만 심었지.
그런데도 해 지는 쪽으로
고갤 수그리는 해바라기가 있다네.

나는 꼭,
그 녀석으로 종자를 삼는다네.

벗 그림자로
마음의 골짜기를 문지르는 까만 눈동자,
속눈썹이 젖어있네.

머리통 여물 때면 어김없이
또다시 고개 돌려 발끝 내려다보는 놈이 생겨나지.
그늘 막대가 가리키는 쪽을
나도 매일 바라본다네.

해마다 나는,
석양으로 눈길 다진 그 녀석으로
종자를 삼는다네.

돌아보는 놈이 되자고.
굽어보는 종자가 되자고.


『눈에 넣어도 아프지 않은 것들의 목록』2016 창비



Translated by Clara Soonhee Kwon-Tatum Ph.D


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