Rainy Day Fantasia For Strings–write by Kong Kwangkyu



Rainy Day Fantasia For Strings


Because the rain is a string from the sky connected to the earth
Because the leaves are a thousand keys of an instrument
Because the wind is a musician with hands unseen
As buildings adorned with signs and cats alike huddle with their ears perked up
Periodic whistling sounds wander the air through dirt lips

Flowers with their sodden bodies topple all over
Shrubberies soak their feet in the puddles
And devoutly revere the rainstorm as they bow
And today as I’m deluged by one who is my religion
The universe dedicates to this body a rainy day fantasia for strings




빗줄기는 하늘에서 땅으로 이어진 현(絃)이어서
나뭇잎은 수만 개 건반이어서
바람은 손이 안 보이는 연주가여서
간판을 단 건물도 고양이도 웅크려 귀를 세웠는데
가끔 천공을 헤매며 흙 입술로 부는 휘파람 소리

화초들은 몸이 젖어서 아무 데나 쓰러지고
수목들은 물웅덩이에 발을 담그고
비바람을 종교처럼 모시며 휘어지는데
오늘은 나도 종교 같은 분에게 젖어 있는데
이 몸에 우주가 헌정하는 우현환상곡 



Translated by Cate Boram with Ko, Yujin


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