A Seamstress – By Kwon, Soonja


Picture : NamSook Han 

A Seamstress


Outdated dreams sway on the hangers
Some forgotten; some vanished like vapor
The rest wriggle along
Hanging like loose threads
Threadbare hopes dangling in tatters
Her store is always shabby with dust
Her eyes dry
Her nose is deep in old clothes
Her dreams hang by a thread
By stitching up her worn-out
Sagging yesterdays
By cutting out her days
From tattered patterns of time
She patches up her life’s scars


She irons the deeply winkled days of her life
She steams
Her crumpled memories

Her days, hung on the line outside
Flutter forever against the red sky



By Poet, Soonja Kwon,  born in 1958, poetry 『A Thousand Tears』 etc.
Translatey Clara Soonhee Kwon-Tatum, Ph.D and Matthew Lewis, MA.






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